How to make an Origami Book

Like to make things out of paper? you will love this video. It will show you making a beautiful tiny book.

Watch the Video:

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5 comments: on "How to make an Origami Book"

angel from heaven said...

wow I love origami, not very good at it but its fun to attempt.

the adamant soul said...

I have made airplane, duck, swan, rose and lot of stuffs. It was my hobby. It's a great innovative hobby.

Sidrah said...

heyy.. On ur blog after quite a long time =)
it's great as ever! ^^

i just know how to make a ship and an airplane.. Am so not into it, i guess =D

Happy Blogging! ^^

aqib00 said...

wow..nice blog...would u like to visit my blog.

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