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Sep 22, 2009

Few Google Tricks

Google is famous as a search engine and it's full of tricks. Here are a few new tricks you haven't seen yet.

Google Does Calculations.

For Example: To find out how many times the number 8 goes into the number 720, just type 720/8 in the search box and press the Enter key to get the results. You can use the standard + and - keys to add or subtract. Use the / key to divide and the * to multiply.

Google Convert Measurements.

For example: Type "100 meters in feet" (without the quotes) and press the
Enter key for the results.

Eliminate a word you don't want in your search results.

For example: If you were looking for a Hilton hotel and not the Paris Hilton, you'd type Hilton-Paris as your search criteria.

Place quotes around your search query terms to direct Google
to search for the terms together.

For example: "George Bush" will avoid any reference to foliage

You can limit your search to a certain domain type:

Place a colon after your search and then type the domain
extension. For example: taxes:.org

You can limit your search to a specific language sites:

Click on Preferences (to the right of the search bar) and click next to the languages you wish to read search results. Scroll down to the bottom of that page and click Save Preferences.

You can enter a zip code, a +, and then a local search result you wish to find.

For example: Type 90210+kitchen cabinets, to produce a list of cabinetmakers in Beverly Hills. This works really well if you are looking for a restaurant.


  1. yayie! Those are some cool tricks! esp the calculation one.. am not good at maths =D

  2. No dout that google is leading search engine and you did a good research about Google

  3. amazing post all tricks are working perfectly
    can you post legal tricks about google adsense too

  4. @ Alishah

    Iam no good in adsense. I still haven't receive the pin code delivered at my house. I requested them for a resend still waiting... I earn through PTC sites you should try that (its up to how much you surf rather than waiting for ppl to click on ads).

  5. Nice write up! I suppose you stress upon the fact that Queries need to be made more specific for better results.. Anyway, that was my conception.. Resourceful info. Thanks for the tips and tricks. BTW, what is PTC?

  6. @ Gopsay

    PTC stands for "Paid to Click" you just need to surf a site for 30 secs. (they are many sites that offers you get paid b/w 0.01$-0.5$ depending on the sites)