How To Open An Unknown File

Not knowing how to open a file! provides a free desktop utility that integrates itself with your shell context menu. Whenever you come across a file type you don’t recognise simply right click on the file and select "OpenWith.Org - How do I Open This?"

OpenWith.Org Desktop Application will open and display a list of applications installed on your computer which can open the file. If it doesn’t detect any supported applications on your system it will provide you with download links for required applications (freeware).

Its verys simple to use and really a good tool for those who doesn’t know how to open unknown files.

Visit: Download | Homepage
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9 comments: on "How To Open An Unknown File"

Sorcerer said...

your blog is simple and neat.
wow...will go through the whole blog.
Will answer many of my queries

angel from heaven said...

thanks for this good info.

Vinayak said...

but you should have given the link to download it
but still I will find it from google and download it

Dan* said...

Oops forgot :-D

The link have been added :-)

asit dhal said...

it's cool...thanx for informing !!!

Vinayak said...

Cool new theme
liked it
ur blog is great DANZY
keep blogging

AMD said...

thnx for the info...

Alishah said...

thanks for the good information

Dr. Internet said...

This one is interesting.

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