Swap Blog Post Title for Search Engine Friendly (SEO)

Generally when you upload a blog template you would notice that in the search results for your blog post the result would appear as:


But with a simple hack you can make it more search engine friendly: i.e


How to Apply:

Go to Dashboard -> Layout -> Edit Html

Now within the blog template code, search for the following code:


Replace the code with:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/>

Via: Jammy

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12 comments: on "Swap Blog Post Title for Search Engine Friendly (SEO)"

Alishah said...

look like it will work gonna try it out

Vinayak said...

thinking of trying it

Vinayak said...

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i like your blog very much
do u want to link exchange with me
if yes reply on http://www.superstarvinayak.blogspot.com

Dan* said...

@ vinayak

use this form for link exchange Link Exchange

Dr. Internet said...

Good one. and new theme of your blog eh? ;) nice!

krishna said...

thanx dude Its really really very helpful to u
I am using it and seeing the change

anurag said...

ur site is a software gadget kit!!
very helpful indeed!!
I like it very much!!


SEO said...

I like this so good services post at this site of positive feedback from people.

Enterprise search engine said...

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YesItsVetz said...

this little feature healps a lot

Searchdaimon said...

Great find. May sound small and obvious, but having a correct title tag is probably the single most importen seo trick one can do.

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