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Oct 23, 2009

Keyboard Shortcut Keys To Enhance You Browsing Speed

Shortcuts are one of the key ways to go if you are thinking of how can i work more faster with my web browser?

Using Keyboard Shortcuts will greatly help you to work faster with your browser. A lot of your time and energy can be saved by using simple Keyboard Shortcuts that will help you to work faster with your Web Browser and saves you a lot of time.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Ctrl + T (Open A New Tab) - Instead of right clicking and selecting or clicking the New Tab option, using the Ctrl + T keyboard shortcut will help you open a new tab in the current window.

Ctrl + W (Close the Current Tab) - Like Opening a New Tab in your browser, this will help you to Close the Current Tab you are working with.

Ctrl + N (Open A New Window) - This will help you to open up a new window in your browser.

Ctrl + D (Bookmark Current Website) - Bookmark your useful websites using this easy shortcut.

F5 (Refresh) - Refresh the Current Open Tab.

Ctrl + F5 (Hard Refresh) - Clear the cache of the current stored webpage and stores a fresh new copy. Thats what a Hard Refresh is for. Helpful when just posted comments don't appear etc.

Ctrl + H (Show History) - You know it! Show the history of previously visited webpages.

Ctrl + L or Alt + D or F6(Not For Opera) (Highlight Search Bar) - No need to move your mouse and click on the address bar to type a websites address in your browser again. Just use this quick shortcut.

Ctrl + E (Highlight Search Bar) - This will move the cursor to the search bar. Save the time you move your mouse over to the search bar!

Ctrl + (+/-) (Zoom In/Out) - Zoom in or Zoom out the current pages.

Ctrl + F (Find)
- Instantly find a particular text on the current page.

Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V (Copy/Paste) - I bet you already know this!

Home / End (Top / Bottom) - These will help you to go to the Top or Bottom of a Page in a Jiffy.

CTRL + Click (Not for Opera) (Open Link in Background) - Open a link in a Background Tab without interfering your work.

CTRL + U (Source) - View the source code of the current website.

CTRL + left Click (Save Images (Opera Only) - In fact this is a really a very handy shortcut that will save time. Why need to right click on an image and select the Save Image... option? Just Hold down the Ctrl key and click the left mouse button.

CTRL + Shift + T or (CTRL + Z also works in Opera) (Restore Tab) - This will help you to quickly reopen or recover previously closed Tab easily.

Crtl + TAB (Next Tab) - To switch to the next tab.

Crtl + SHIFT + TAB (Backward Tab) - To switch to the backward tab.

Backspace - To go to previous page viewed.

SHIFT + BackSpace - To go to the next page that was already viewed.

Credits: Computing Unleashed


  1. yea I am the first to see this fresh and untouched gold.It is a very useful to know these shortcuts

  2. I knew some of them but not all of them
    thanx for these shortcut keys