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Nov 4, 2009

Automatically Shutdown Your PC On Time

WinMend Auto Shutdown is a freeware utility that can turn off your computer automatically. With simple settings, it can shut down, hibernate, stand by or log off the computer unattended at a scheduled time.

It can be really a handy tool when you need to turn off your PC after, an ongoing downloading, instead you wait for it to complete and shut it down manually.


* There is a 30-second countdown screen before the computer is automatically turned off, so you can cancel or change the operation in time.

* Based on user’s settings, it can be launched automatically at Windows startup to perform tasks set by the user.

* When auto shutdown is set up, it will be minimized to the task bar. Your screen will look clean!

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  1. nice info dude. I like your layout. gives it a professional feel, although i feel that this many ads makes it look slightly cluttered

  2. i have downloaded it
    thanks for the software

  3. ya..handy tool.

    It will definitely help me during downloading in the lucky hour.

  4. hmmmm.....nice trick man....
    really a useful trick