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Feb 5, 2010

Bypass Websites Requiring Compulsory Registration

Are you annoying of having to register on a free web site ?

Just to read some news or view some information? Rather than registering on such Web sites (and risking your email of annoying spam).

BugMeNot is an internet service that provides usernames and passwords to let users bypass mandatory free registration on websites.

Just type in the URL of the website that you’d like access. It will then provide you a list of user names and passwords along with their accuracy percentage.

BugMeNot also provides an extension for Firefox users. Which can be activated by right-clicking on a user name and/or password field of a site that asks for registration.

Visit: BugMeNot | FireFox Extension


  1. its really very nice i enjoyed a lot to visit..Mobiles

  2. Nice, does it work with the downloading an eBook by providing the email. i think not

  3. Hey, this is a really useful trick.
    I shall have to try it first and see how effective it is...Anyways thanks for sharing this cool little trick.

    btw do you know how those user-names n passwords are generated by BugMeNot ? It seems like they'll create those accounts for providing us the info.. Isn't it so?