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Feb 28, 2010

Fix Broken Avi Files with DivFix++

DivFix++ is a free open source application for Windows, Linux and MAC which can be used to fix AVI errors.

Some of the problems that can be fixed by using DivFix++ are Freezing and Distorted Playback, Bad Frames, Problem playing the file from a particular location etc. The simple interface will help you to get your job done very easily.

Usually when we download movies from bittorent networks the index part might be corrupted. In those cases DivFix++ can be used to to rebuild the index part. As it is written by cross-platform API (wxWidgets) it supports many operating systems.

Download | Homepage


  1. gr8 sharing...
    first time come to know about this software

  2. I have a question, like we have dose files in VLC Player which are broken, will this software help there as well?

  3. @ Suyash

    Vlc is a player which play all types of files.... if you are having problem playing .avi files you can fix it by using DivFix++