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Mar 22, 2010

Play Cool Tetris Game

Once you start playing this Tetris online game, you’ll notice that this game embeds ‘First-Person’ with another meaning.

Turning your block is not possible. Rotating everything else, is. You can spin the room in the right position, and slide it around your block. All the while, your block attracts the ‘bottom’ of the TV set. Almost as if it were falling.

Besides being fun, original, and very much addicting, First-Person Tetris really gets your head spinning. You probably won’t be able to finish the game without hugging the ground. Or the first few levels.



  1. Nice game i just started playin....

  2. hi dude
    nice game
    hey do u know how to put HTML codes in a box?If yes plz tell me
    reply @

  3. Wow, Dan! Tetris has always been one of my favorites, and this just gave it an entirely new meaning altogether! Also, this is my first visit to your blog - and it's amazing. Will visit often, and hey, it's been long, I know, but thanks for coming by my site! Mucho appreciated! :-)