Blogger Tool To Design Your Own Template

They are thousands of website from where you download nice looking template for your site but usually you do not find everything and wonder how we can make our own template and use it.

Blogger in draft has now introduced a new tool called Blogger Template Designer from which you can design your own version of template.

Create your own template:
* Go to (The blogger draft site is nothing but another version of Google’s Blogger site with experimental features. You can consider it as a beta for

* Dashboard -> Layout

* In the tab search for "Template Designer"

* Now just play with different options to make your own version of template.

Video Guide:

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8 comments: on "Blogger Tool To Design Your Own Template"

Suyash said...

was looking 2 add some stuff!

Misty Rhythm said...

nice! thank you so much for the info :)

littleWriter (Anunoy) said...

i'll giv it a try... thanks

Himanshu Karki said...

DAN you mostly write smthing that is useful for techno freak ppl...

thanks for sharing :)

Ilyas Kazi said...

good compilation on how to customize blogger template..

Mythreya said...

hi u got a nice blog.. or rather a website.. i got some useful stuff..

aninda said...

hey i tried this site but didnt work .. cant open the link :(


PS I tried again n it worked thanks :)

Dan* said...

the link is fixed :)

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