Silly Willy Riddles

Here are some cool riddles i found through a forum. Hope you will like it..

1. A man sees a boat full of people on the river, yet there's no single person on board... how come?

2. What does God never see.... Kings seldom see... we see everyday?

3. How do u make 7 even?

4. A man is found hanging from a rafter beam in an empty room.... just some water below him, with nothing else in the room.... how did he get up there to hang himself?

5. You n a group of friends are studying at the library, one of the friend says there's a $100 bill hidden between pages 75 n 76 of a book in the library, but u decide not to look for it... why?


1. Everyone on the boat is married

2. Dreams

3. Take the s off of seven

4. The man used ice block to help him to hang himself

5. Its a single page front and back

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7 comments: on "Silly Willy Riddles"

Anonymous said...

awesome man !!

johnny samoa said...

hehehe nice riddles

Himanshu Karki said...

lolz thats really an interesting post

like it :)

Mythreya said...

he he.
well i could use them to entertain my niece..

Vinayak said...

haha awesome post

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