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May 31, 2010

How to Play Videos in Parts (PAR, RAR, 001)

Whenever you download any larger files like video, you would find most of them in separate compressed parts like PAR, RAR, 001. as it is easy to download and share files as a free user.

These extensions must be decoded using different tool in order to run.

File types that need re-assembly to use:

* RAR - Rar files are the most common multi-part file type. Look for filenames ending in .r01 to rxx. When selecting parts to download, look out for straggler .r00 or .rar parts - you need them all. Once you have downloaded all the RAR parts, use Winrar to combine them usable.

* .001 - Some people use an different program to break large files into parts - you will see these as sequential extensions .001, .002 etc. Use HJSplit to recombine the parts.

* PAR / PAR2
files are "parity" files. These files are used to rebuild incomplete RAR or HJSplit file sequences when some of the needed files are missing. The program Quickpar can use the data in the PAR files to fill in the holes in the other files. WIth PAR files you usually need ALL the PAR parts to rebuild one missing RAR or 00X file, but with PAR2 files you can try downloading just a few of the PAR2 files and see if Quickpar can rebuild it, and if not, leep downloading a few more PAR2 files until there is enough to rebuild everything.


  1. i didnt know about 001 files so i deleted it :(

    now i know it :D thanx..

  2. hey i know about these software from a long time. we used it frequently at hostel to assemble files after downloading. but a good information for them who don't know about it.
    KEEP blogging

  3. hummm i came 2 know abt it 4m a frnd... neway thnks :-)

  4. I have many rar files on my PC. And once some of them were crashed on unknown reason. For luck I observed an interesting software, which solved out my trouble and perhaps it has many features for solving other compound problem - rar fix.

  5. thanks a lot buddy ... HJSplit really worked for me