How to Play Incomplete Video Files from RAR

If you have downloaded videos that are in separate compressed parts like RAR, you know you would have to wait till all the parts get downloaded.

Dziobas RAR Player solves that problem, by allowing you to watch parts of a video before it has fully unpacked.

Incase of Password Protected

* Open RAR Movie Player
* Click on “File” on menu
* Select Streaming from Unrar
* Add the password and view the video.


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3 comments: on "How to Play Incomplete Video Files from RAR"

Vinayak said...

thanks for the software,thank you very much

Abhijit Bhattacharyya said...

thanx....danzy.....this one helps....cos this happens so many times....specially when i dnld from rapidshare...

Alex said...

Only some tools would manage in this proposition and besides I know one of them. It relieved me much several days ago and proved all its capabilites for some minutes for most every situation related to rar archives - open corrupted winrar file.

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