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Jul 30, 2010

Trick To Use USB Flash Drives As A RAM

EBoostr allows you to get more performance from your computer by using the resources it has more efficiently.

It stores the current memory as a cache in your USB device. Eboostr stores cache of your frequently used applications on your USB Flash drive. It will help to reduce the Hard Disk access which is comparatively slower as compared to access in chips.

eBoostr supports the use of up to 4 USB devices simultaneously. Improving computer speed is as easy plugging in another USB key. eBoostr allows up to 4GB per device to be used in the creation of a memory buffer, giving you as much of a performance boost as you need.

Here is what you need to do:

* Download eBoostr from http://download.cnet.com/eBoostr/3000-18512_4-10781844.html

* After installing it is necessary to restart your computer.

* Insert your USB flash drive and then open eBoostr.

* In the program window, go to Edit -> Add new cache device

* You should see your USB disk. Select it and click ok.

* Then start caching the memory in your USB drive.

Alternatively, you can also click on Autoconfiguration button. Program will diagnose your system. After the diagnose is ended, click next. Choose all the recommended option to increase your system performance and click Next.

Now program will start to cache your memory. You may feel some difference in your windows performance.

* Format all stuff from your USB Flash Drive before doing this.

* This software requires USB device more than 256 MB.

* Never remove your USB when its being used.



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