Watch Youtube Videos Which Requires Login

I am a hardcore user of youtube and most of times i get this error that to watch this video you have to login or signup.

Here is a cool trick to watch those videos without any login or registeration.

Follow these Steps:
1) 1. Suppose there is a video.

2. Goto the above Url in New Window. You will see the following Window

3. Now you have seen clearly that above video requires LOGIN or SIGNUP.
Now We want to bypass that LOGIN or SIGNUP ERROR.

4. Simple edit and replace ? and = in the url with /

5. That's it and Enjoy !

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2 comments: on "Watch Youtube Videos Which Requires Login"

Bahman said...

Thank you soooooooooooooo much for giving such an information!

Dan* said...

Sorry guys.... it used to work but not anymore! :(

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