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Aug 13, 2012

How To Access Blocked Websites

How To Access Blocked Websites
How To Access Blocked Websites
Some Countries blocks or restrict websites and services like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc. due to politics, religion etc around the country.

Affected countries can't access these sites.

Imagine you are at work or college and you need to check your facebook profile, or want to watch a youtube video but damn its blocked.

Stealthy is an extension available for Firefox and Chrome that lets you access websites which are blocked or restricted by your country or organization. What this extension does is after installation it automatically selects and sets up tested proxies from the cloud and sets up proxy on your browser by assigning a foreign IP address to your Computer and you’re ready to access that site without any issues.

How it works:

Once installed, a small stealth aircraft icon will be appear in your navigation bar. The color is red by default, indicating Stealthy is off. After clicking on it, Stealthy automatically searches for an appropriate proxy, sets up your browser, and turns the icon green, meaning you are now in Stealth mode.


Firefox extension

Chrome extension


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