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Sep 4, 2012

NFC for iPhone

NFC for iPhone
It seems like the guys at Apple are always in the news. Rumors about their latest releases- all the versions of the iPhone and the iPad, the iPad mini and the Apple HDTV have set anticipation spiraling to dizzy heights. Now we’re waiting for the latest version of the iPhone- the iPhone 5. There’s high expectations- Apple disappointed a lot of people with its barely improved iPhone 4S in 2011 instead of giving them a completely revamped iPhone 5. And so for the last year, there’s been endless waiting and speculating on what the new phone will be like.

The latest rumor doing the rounds is the presence of NFC chips on the phone. Near Field Communication allows smartphones to communicate with each other if they are in close proximity, with just a tap or a touch. This is a bold move for Apple seeing how Android devices already come with NFC capabilities. Perhaps this is a demand from iPhone loyalists. It’s hard to say.

The speculation is based on leaked photographs that seem to show a tiny space where a small sized chip may fit; the NFC chip. It is said to match up in size to those chips already in the market and is next to the front camera.

What we’re hearing now from leading industry experts is that the NFC chip integration is most probably not part of the iPhone. The alleged space instead is for better display and movement on the new touch screen that the phone will sport. There is talk that the space is actually a controller for the display panels and Apple’s attempt to make them sleeker will work, seeing how sensors that control touch are inside, not on top of color filters.

Besides this, the back of the phone is completely mental and since the space is at the top and bottom ends of the phone, the likelihood of an NFC chip fitting in there is not very strong.

In fact the in-cell touch technology we discussed a while ago, was one of the rumors doing the rounds a few days ago where it was believed that between LG and Samsung, who both create parts for the iPad and iPhone, it is the former that will design the 4” screen for the device. What’s also believed is that because the touch screen will not have glass and sensors, the phone will weigh even less. Coupled with an LCD screen, we are hoping that the display too will be thinner, sharper and lighter.
The NFC chip integration is not the only rumor that has been doing the rounds for the iPhone 5. At the beginning of the month there was talk of a bigger battery that would support the 4G LTE feature of the phone. The LTE will not be available everywhere, according to reports. We heard of a smaller connector for better appeal and less bulk, a better camera and even a smaller SIM card.

There are tons of phones with NFC for iPhone capability that can give the new phone from Apple, a run for its money, including Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy S series and Google Nexus. So it will be interesting to see if the iPhone wants to compete on this level too.

The iPhone 5 is set to release at the end of September and only then will we know how many of these ideas are true and how many are wishful thinking. Till then, wait and watch.

This is a guest post by Jena Branch. She is a guest writer from Buycox.com and writes more about digital cable and high speed internet. To get more information, click here.

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