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Oct 1, 2012

How to Choose a Best VPN Provider?

Best VPN Provider
What is a VPN ?
When Internet security is a concern, many users turn to the services of a VPN provider. A VPN, or virtual private network, is a tool that enables users to bypass certain online restrictions and enhance the security of their personal data. VPNs provide effective security whether users are accessing the Internet using a cell phone, mobile device—such as a laptop or tablet—or a desktop computer. There are a large number of VPN service providers to choose from.Users may have a difficult time determining which provider is the best choice for them. Subscription fees vary as do the level of services that are offered.It is therefore important for people to know which characteristics to look for in a VPN provider.

Three Factors to Look for a Best VPN Provider

Protocol choices

Protocols are used to encrypt data and establish a secure tunnel through the Internet. A VPN provider should offer their customers the opportunity to choose between different protocols. Protocols vary in relation to speed, security and supported devices.Quality VPN providers will offer users the most commonly used protocols:

PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) offers 128-bit data encryption and fast connection speeds. It can be used with many devices.

L2TP/IPsec (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IP Security) offers 256-bit data encryption. While more secure than the PPTP protocol, it uses a lot of computer resources and creates a slightly slower connection. It is also supported by many devices.

Open VPN offers 256-bit data encryption and fast connection speeds. However, it is typically only supported by desktop computers.

Users should be sure that all devices they wish to protect can work with the at least one of the VPN provider’s offered protocols. If extremely sensitive or classified data needs to be transmitted, the security provided by a PPTP connection may not be enough. A user’s needs may change in the future if new devices are obtained. Therefore, if the VPN provider does not offer a variety of protocols, it is best for the user to look elsewhere.

Hardware and Software Maintenance

Users should be sure that the VPN provider they choose owns and maintains its own servers and software. Companies that outsource hosting and maintenance to a third party put their customers’ security at risk. They also tend to have frequent connectivity issues and can offer no uptime guarantees.

Multiple servers across the globe

Quality VPN providers offer multiple servers with locations around the world. More servers mean more IP addresses, more connectivity and better ease in transmitting data. It is best to use a VPN provider that has servers that are relatively close by. The further the server, the slower the connection speeds due to latency. Users who frequently travel the globe will greatly benefit from servers located near their destinations. Ideally, a VPN provider will have servers located in the United States, Europe and Asia. They will make it easy for users to switch between servers at no additional costs. Global server locations also allow users to bypass more websites and online services that restrict access based on user location. For example, with a Netherlands VPN, users can access the websites blocked outside of Netherlands no matter where they are located.

These three important factors are what separate excellent VPN providers from the pack. While the best VPN providers may cost a bit more, when it comes to Internet security, one does not want to sacrifice quality for cost savings. Users should do the appropriate research and use the company that is best able to meet their needs.

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