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Oct 7, 2012

Why Is My Website Slow

Why Is My Website Slow
With technological advancement, it’s not surprising to find out that an 8-second loading time for websites is not acceptable to consumers today. In fact, web surfers will abandon a site if it doesn’t load in two seconds. With this in mind, website owners must strive to keep up with the times so that they can provide better performing websites to their stakeholders.

Faulty HTML Coding:

Although HTML is only a channel through which the server can instruct the browser to show a webpage, it can take very long to load a page if there are wrong HTML tags because the browser is taking time to debug and fix the invalid tags. Therefore, it is important for the web administrator to ensure that the HTML codes are written correctly. At times, Front Page and Dreamweaver add nonessential tags to the code. These, too, must be removed. To ensure that HTML coding is done properly, it is best to test the website on various browsers to check how fast the webpage will load. Instead of performing Javascript verification from the server side, it is advisable to have it done on the client side. Instead of using table-based coding, div-based layout must be used. External Javascript files must also be used as well as external stylesheet files.

Heavy Webpage Content:

In general, a website need not have so much flash, videos, sounds, and graphics files on its homepage because it will take a long time to load it. A lot of images take a long time to load because it eats up a lot of bandwidth. Thus, it is best to optimize the photos first before attaching it to the site. The images can be cropped or resized. Usually, changing the format of the image and reducing its quality as well as utilizing stylesheet to load it can do the trick. Flash application can also slow down a website. Although site users will find a website interesting if there’s interactivity or animation, it is better to use CSS3/HTML5 instead of flash.

Slow Webhosting Service:

The web server can also be the reason why the webpage doesn’t load quickly. It may not have enough disk space and bandwidth to serve the website’s needs. Simply put, the web server isn’t capable of handling all the requests to a website. This is usually the problem with shared hosting. There are various websites sharing the resources of one server thus overloading it. When the server is overloaded, the bandwidth allotted per website becomes limited which becomes the primary reason why web pages take a long time to load.

How To Choose A Webhosting Service Provider:

Therefore, in choosing a webhosting service provider, it is important to check the speed and reliability of the service first. The vendor must be able to guarantee at least 99.5% uptime. Bandwidth or data transfer must also be taken into consideration. In general, a new website which is not a repository of music, video, or software archives usually consumes a maximum of 3GB bandwidth monthly. As the website grows and becomes more popular, it is necessary to upgrade the bandwidth limit to continually provide better performing website to web browsers. A website owner must be wary about webhosting services offering unlimited bandwidth because there were cases in the past when owners were charged exorbitantly for exceeding the unlimited bandwidth offering. Some providers also offer a large initial bandwidth at the start of the contract. If the website owner agrees to this, he may be paying for the excess bandwidths which the website may not be able to consume. Thus, it is best to check out various webhosting providers first because choosing the one who will provide the service. The website owner can also check some reputable webhosting review sites to see firsthand experiences of fellow website owners.

Author’s info: Mike has worked for several firms to have a better online presence. He loves to share hostgator coupon code and is currently writing various website hosting tutorials.

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