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Apr 15, 2014

How to Run Heavy Games Without Graphics Card

Play Counter Strike 1.6 On Your Slow Computer

Run Heavy Games Without Any Graphics Support

If you are a gamer than this post is for you.

With the advancement in technology, small games are nowhere to be seen. With this little trick you can run heavy games which require high performance graphics card even on low end computers.

3D Analyse
3D Analyzer is a software from Tommti Systems that emulates various 3D Graphics Functions to transform high-end games to enable them to run on low-end computers and devices.


Play Heavy Games On Your Computer Without Having Any Graphics .
1. Open 3D-Analyse

2. Select the .exe file of the game you want to run by selecting the 'Select' option (Note that you should select the executable file and not the shortcut file. You can comment below if you need help!)

3. We would not go into deep into much hassle. You can see names, vendorID and deviceID of different graphics cards. Select any one of them and enter the VendorID and DeviceID in the column at the left side.

4. Now select the Run option And Enjoy !!


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