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Jan 11, 2018

Online supermarket Ocado unveils robot prototype designed to help maintain warehouse bots

UK online supermarket Ocado is on a quest to automate its business as much as possible, experimenting with technology from flexible robot hands (for packing soft fruit) to self-driving delivery vehicles. Its latest robotic addition to the team is a prototype bot that’s designed to help human technicians in warehouses.

The ARMAR-6 robot is being developed by Ocado with help from a number of universities, including Switzerland’s EPFL and the UK’s UCL. The work is part of an EU-funded project to develop collaborative robots (or co-bots) that can safely work alongside humans.

The ARMAR-6 has a humanoid torso, head, and arms, and moves about on a wheeled base. It uses cameras to locate and grasp objects, which it can pass to human engineers...

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