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Jan 10, 2018

This $16,000 robot uses artificial intelligence to sort and fold laundry

I was standing off to the side of the showroom at CES, while engineers worked in hushed voices fussing over a $16,000 artificial-intelligence powered laundry-folding machine. The machine wasn’t giving back the t-shirt I put in, and for one brief, terrifying second, I really thought I broke it.

I had brought my own Verge T-shirt to try out a prototype of Laundroid, and I had to coax Shin Sakane, CEO Seven Dreamers, which makes the device, into letting me drop my shirt in instead of the demo shirts they had prepared. As he expected, it didn’t work. After about 15 minutes, the Laundroid opened up to reveal nothing but an empty drawer. An engineer had to reach into the machine to pull out the shirt.

It turned out that the machine had...

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