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Feb 28, 2018

Bragi wants to sell AI more than headphones

If you know Bragi, it’s because you know the Dash earbuds. The company launched on Kickstarter three years ago with one of the most exciting wireless earbuds to date. It’s iterated on them for the past two years, and it now makes one of the better pairs on the market. But Bragi CEO Nikolaj Hviid says the company is only interested in headphones to a point — its real goal is to sell AI.

To that end, Bragi is announcing a machine learning platform this week called NanoAI. Other companies will be able to license NanoAI, train the system on relevant data, and use it to add intelligent features to their products. One example Hviid gave is a power drill: its creator could train NanoAI on a set of pressure or vibration data that lets the...

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