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Mar 12, 2018

The SimuLife Diaries: I found a stranger from another dimension in my hotel room shower

At SXSW 2018, I was invited to take part in a four-day immersive story experience called a SimuLife. Mounted by the Austin-based creative lab Interactive Deep Dive, SimuLife is meant to blur the line between fantasy and reality by letting me interact with the story as part of daily life. It’s like David Fincher’s movie The Game, executed in the real world. Other than those broad edicts, I wasn’t given any advance information about the experience. I’m documenting my journey through the story — wherever it leads.

The tale begins with Part 1: I’m a transdimensional dopplegänger.

My immersive story adventure began with a flurry of revelations. Due to an advanced technology known as OpenMind, I had begun hopping dimensions. One moment I would...

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