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Mar 14, 2018

WarGames is a fascinating take on interactive TV tied to a stereotypical hacker story

There’s a scene in WarGames, the latest interactive experience from Her Story creator Sam Barlow, where the main character Kelly is sifting through a series of photos of buff young men. A hacker looking to exact revenge on a journalist, Kelly is hoping to find the right hunk to lure her prey into a trap. As the player, you’re able to cycle through photos and dating profiles, and it really feels like you’re a hacker delving into the private life of another person. In the end, though, the choice is made for you — and I was left to wonder what all that pretend hacking was for.

The idea of merging games and TV shows isn’t exactly new. For years, creators have been trying to fuse together the proven storytelling power of television with the...

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