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Apr 11, 2018

Blu shows how good a $110 phone can be

For families looking for cheap budget phones for their kids, there are now phones around the $100 range that can almost pass for flagship phones from a distance. The Blu Vivo XL3 now costs $109.99 for 24 hours on Amazon. Blu is also launching an additional Blu Vivo XL3 Plus phone.

Both are budget phones, and with today’s discount, there aren’t other phones in their price range that have similar flagship-like-but-not-quite features. They’re both nearly bezel-less and have perks like a fingerprint sensor, decent storage options, and the Vivo XL3 runs on the latest version of Android. They’re not laggy phones with cheap-looking designs but actually good knockoffs of $900 phones.

I’ve been testing the Blu Vivo XL3 since mid-March and found...

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