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Apr 17, 2018

Is Hotel Artemis a John Wick homage or a rip-off?

It’s already hard to remember how little anticipation there was when 2014’s John Wick opened. It looked like yet another dour revenge movie in Mad Max “you killed my family, prepare to die” mode, except this time with Keanu Reeves avenging his dead puppy. Then the film came out and it rightly became a slow-burn hit based on its stylish fights, memorable cinematography, and above all, its compelling look into a classy criminal underworld, as revealed through a thoroughly civilized hotel, heavily regulated and catering to contract killers. That same idea is at the center of Hotel Artemis, a dystopian-future action movie set for American release on June 8th. The first trailer feels a bit like a recut version of John Wick, with a completely...

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