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Apr 11, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg being swarmed by cameras is the perfect metaphor for online privacy today

The iconic moment from Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate hearing yesterday came before he faced toothless questions from profoundly uninformed senators. It happened when the Facebook boss walked to his seat and was confronted by a wall of wide-angle camera lenses and photographers jostling for position, each of them trying to capture the most distilled picture of a CEO under fire. Zuckerberg’s personal space was eroded by the heaving throng, and he was treated less as a human and more as an object of fascination.

In that moment, Mark Zuckerberg must have felt what it was like to be a user of his online platform. Every inch of his being was subjected to close scrutiny, observation, and recording for posterity. Whether he liked it, whether he could...

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