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Apr 12, 2018

Rampage is laughably dumb, but at least there’s plenty of rampaging

The original 1986 arcade game Rampage had a simple, satisfying premise: pick a monster to play, then use it to smash everything in sight. Soldiers with guns, grenades, and helicopters would eventually take down the players’ avatars, but in the meantime, it was simple, building-punching fun. Like most ’80s games, Rampage came with an extremely minimal backstory — the three playable monsters all used to be human, but were each mutated by something different. Other than that, through decades of minor reboots and ports from one system to another, Rampage stayed pretty basic, and primarily focused on the kaiju fantasy of leveling a city as thoroughly and efficiently as possible.

That lack of backstory gives Warner Bros.’ big-screen Rampage...

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