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Apr 11, 2018

Web apps are only getting better

Slack is a web app. Trello is a web app. Google Docs. Gmail. Even Twitter.

The web started out as a collection of hyperlinked documents. The “Web 2.0” hype in the mid-2000s was about how the web was becoming interactive. At first we were just commenting and upvoting on hyperlinked documents, but before long, people like me could do almost all of their work in what are now called “web apps.” Some of those apps added collaboration or other nice-to-haves to traditional desktop app tasks, like email or document creation. Others are more hyperlinked-document in nature — think embeds on Slack and Twitter, or Trello’s multi-user nature.

But there’s one near-golden rule about web apps: the native app is probably better.

Native apps — apps that...

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