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May 20, 2018

AT&T has launched a programmable LTE button for businesses

AT&T has introduced a new product called the LTE-M button, a programmable button that businesses can deploy to allow customers to place orders or send alerts.

The LTE-M button isn’t designed for consumers, but for businesses: it can be programmed and issued with a custom label — and ordered in quantities of 500. AT&T says that each button will work for up to 1,500 clicks or for three years.

Engadget notes that the device sounds a bit like Amazon’s Dash buttons — branded devices that allow you to reorder a specific product with a click — and explains that the product runs on Amazon Web Services’ Internet of Things 1-Click service.

But unlike the Dash buttons, AT&T’s offerings connect to the carrier’s LTE-M network, and can be customized...

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