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May 24, 2018

Battlefield V fans who failed history are mad that the game has women in it

Dice is returning to World War II with Battlefield V, and it’s doing so with the help of feeemales. Following the game’s reveal trailer and confirmation that it will include women, some fragile fans have confirmed they’ve never read a book by protesting what they see as “historical inaccuracy.” Please, keep your women out of my war games!

Online, this infantile cry has rallied around its own hashtag — #NotMyBattlefield — and it is full of users shrieking about political correctness. “Hey...good job making a shitty unrealistic SJW ‘WWII’ game!” wrote one on Twitter. “Seen the downvotes on your YouTube trailer video? You have til October to fix this shit and give us a realistic gritty WWII experience.” “Very disappointed with the new B...

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