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May 14, 2018

Bethesda is making a sequel to the post-apocalyptic shooter Rage

E3 is next month, which means that you can expect a flurry of game announcements over the next few weeks. Following a handful of leaks over the past few days, today Bethesda is kicking things off with the official reveal of Rage 2, the sequel to an oft-forgotten 2007 first-person shooter from Doom creator Id. For now, though, the name is all we really know. The debut trailer doesn’t show actual gameplay, but instead features live-action footage that shows a world that looks like Mad Max doused in pink smoke.

The original Rage was released to somewhat of a muted reaction, making its sequel a bit of a surprise, and it was best known for mashing together elements of FPS games with lots of driving. It also bears the distinction of being the...

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