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May 16, 2018

Dragon Quest VR drops you right in the middle of frantic JRPG battles

After Bandai Namco’s VR Zone arcade in Tokyo secured the world exclusive rights to a mind-blowing VR version of Mario Kart, the owners must have been wondering how they could top it. Their answer? The first VR version of the most popular video game series in Japanese history. Dragon Quest VR came to VR Zone a couple of weeks back, and I just went to check it out.

Dragon Quest isn’t as popular in the West, but it remains a huge deal in Japan. Last year’s Dragon Quest XI was a major success, selling 2 million copies in its first two days on the market. (A localized version is coming to PC and PS4 in September.) The mainline series doesn’t change too much from entry to entry. It’s almost always the same mix of traditional Japanese...

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