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May 31, 2018

Even Arby’s has its own custom font to make fun of bespoke typefaces

Step aside Apple (San Francisco), Samsung (SamsungOne), Google (Roboto and Product Sans), Microsoft (sort of with Segoe), Netflix (Netflix Sans), Airbnb (Cereal), Intel (Intel Clear), and every other big tech company with its own bespoke custom font: Arby’s is getting in on the custom font game with its new font, “Saucy_AF™,” as spotted by FastCo Design.

Described as “the ink of the sandwich world,” Arby’s is positioning Saucy_AF™ as an alternative to those who lack the skills to write in sauce like the folks behind the very social media savvy Arby’s Twitter account.

Ordinarily, this is the sort of thing that would...

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