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May 12, 2018

New trailers: The Predator, Luke Cage, 13 Reasons Why, and more

Last week I finally got around to seeing Last Flag Flying now that it’s streaming on Amazon. It’s Richard Linklater’s latest film, and while I’m a huge fan of his stuff, trailers for Last Flag Flying didn’t exactly make me feel like I had to leave my warm apartment in November to make it out to a movie theater to see it right away.

I did enjoy it, though. And the movie makes a ton of sense coming from Linklater — much of the film is extended sequences of people talking in bars, in cars, on trains, musing over their lives, politics, and how people behave. Linklater is so good at making this stuff work that, even though the characters start as big, broad archetypes, it quickly begins to feel much more intimate.

One thing I thought was...

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