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May 24, 2018

Pool on your iPhone is better when it’s more like a video game

A screenshot of <em>Pocket Run Pool </em>on an iPhone.

For the last few years, Zach Gage has been playing a mobile pool app on his iPhone with some regularity. He’s been a fan of pool since college, but there’s just been one small problem with his mobile fixation: the app is terrible. As a straight recreation of eight ball pool, it didn’t take long before Gage was able to master the physics system, and be able to beat the computer every time he played. Regular searches of the App Store didn’t reveal any better options, so Gage decided to build his own.

Today sees the launch of Pocket-Run Pool on the iPhone, a game that aims to make a version of pool that’s adapted for the way people play games on their phones. It’s the latest in Gage’s growing line of mobile reimaginings of analog classics;...

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