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May 15, 2018

Spigen’s new iPhone X cases prey on your nostalgia for retro Apple gadgets

Nothing sells like nostalgia, a look back to the simpler times when our phones had 2G and our computers were made out of bondi-blue plastic. Or, at the very least, that’s what case-maker Spigen is counting on, with its new iPhone X cases that are meant to evoke the design cues of Apple’s original iPhone 2G and iMac G3 devices, as spotted by SlashGear.

Spigen is putting its focus on the iMac G3-inspired case (officially called the Classic C1), which comes in a variety of hues borrowed from Apple’s colorful computers and features a translucent back that reveals faux components on the rear of the case (although it’s worth noting that Spigen seem to have missed the bondi-blue color by a few shades if the press pictures are anything to go...

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