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May 13, 2018

The cryptocurrency attack featured on Silicon Valley is real, but it doesn’t work like that

Spoilers for the trailer of Silicon Valley’s season finale.

Tonight’s Silicon Valley season finale is titled “Fifty-One Percent,” and according to the trailer for the episode, it features a crazy twist centered on what’s called a 51 percent attack. This is when an organized group of cryptocurrency miners achieve a majority on a blockchain network, which enables them to hold the network hostage and disrupt it in various ways. On the show, Pied Piper’s enemies start joining the blockchain network until they reach a 51 percent consensus, which gives them the power to “delete all of our users, all of our developer apps, crash our coin. This would be the end of Pied Piper,” explains Dinesh.

The 51 percent attack does exist in the real world...

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