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May 10, 2018

This blessed Chrome extension replaces ‘Elon Musk’ with ‘Grimes’s Boyfriend’

Grimes and her boyfriend at the 2018 Met Gala

If you’re still not over the surprise news of the week — musician Grimes is dating Tesla CEO Elon Musk — then why not keep the shock-and-confusion train a’rolling with a Chrome extension that replaces every mention of the words “Elon Musk” with “Grimes’s Boyfriend.”

The resulting headlines (“Is Grimes’s Boyfriend just an AI set on ‘eccentric billionaire’ mode?” and “Grimes’s Boyfriend plans to create bricks for affordable housing”) are easily worth the price of entry. They also serve as a good reminder that Grimes, a Canadian synth-pop musician best known for her songs “Oblivion,” “California,” and “Kill V. Maim,” has a new boyfriend who made a lot of money in the early 2000s selling a financial website to eBay and now sends rockets...

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