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May 15, 2018

This nonprofit plans to send millions of Wikipedia pages to the Moon — printed on tiny metal sheets

<em>Small sheets of nickel, containing thousands of miniaturized pages, that the Arch Foundation wants to send to the Moon</em>

A nonprofit with grand ambitions of setting up a library on the Moon is planning to send the entire English archive of Wikipedia to the lunar surface sometime within the next couple of years.

Don’t worry: there won’t be reams of Wikipedia printouts sitting in the lunar soil. Instead, the organization says it will send up millions of Wikipedia articles in the form of miniaturized prints, etched into tiny sheets of metal that are thinner than the average human hair. The nonprofit claims that with this method, it can send up millions of pages of text in a package that’s about the size of a CD.

The unusual mission is the brainchild of the Arch Foundation (pronounced “arc,” short for archive.) Formed in 2015, the nonprofit’s goal is to set...

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