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Jun 7, 2018

Android gaming phones have a lot of growing up to do

<em>The Asus ROG Phone with optional TwinView Dock that adds a second screen.</em>

Gaming and Android have never been bigger. Nvidia’s CEO said at Computex this week that he fully expects every person on the planet to eventually be a gamer, and Android phones have taken over from Windows PCs as the most-used method for humans to access the web. Putting the two together in a new product, then, would seem to be an instant winner, and that’s what Asus has tried to do with its Computex announcement of a new Republic of Gamers Android phone. But is there any reason to expect its fate would be any different to all the previous Android gaming phones that already crashed and burned?

The answer’s complicated. Mobile gaming is undoubtedly on fire, with China’s Honor of Kings commanding an audience of some 200 million monthly...

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