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Jun 3, 2018

Bungie gets $100 million investment from Chinese gaming company NetEase

On Friday, Halo and Destiny studio Bungie announced a major partnership with Chinese tech and gaming company NetEase, “to help us explore new directions.” The deal is to the tune of $100 million, giving the NetEase a minority stake in Bungie, as well as a seat on its board of directors, according to GamesIndustry.

The partnership will help Bungie grow into a “global, multi-franchise entertainment studio,” according to NetEase CEO William Ding. Bungie CEO Pete Parsons told The Wall Street Journal that “a big part of our focus is to self-publish in the future,” rather than replying on other companies such as Microsoft or Activision. Bungie signed a 10-year agreement with Activision to publish Destiny, which ends in 2020.

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