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Jun 1, 2018

Google’s in-house incubator made a Waze-like app for the New York City subway

Have you ever used New York City’s decrepit subway system and marveled that its speeds that are slower now than they were in the 1950s? Or how a commute of a few miles can easily stretch into hours, making a trip between Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan turn into a nightmare? It’s gotten so bad and outdated compared to other modern cities that Google’s in-house startup incubator Area 120 is proposing to intervene with a new app.

The app, called Pigeon, is live on Apple’s App Store, but access is still limited to those with an invitation code. Its developers say the app can help commuters choose routes that avoid delays and crowds other users report. Google Maps and the MTA’s own website already provide information on what trains aren’t...

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