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Jun 9, 2018

Jeffrey Wright says his Westworld character is ‘based on a Reddit user’

Spoilers ahead for Westworld season 1.

HBO’s Westworld is about robots, power, and the nature of humanity, among other things. In season 2 of the show, Westworld park programming head Bernard Lowe (Jeffrey Wright) is a cornerstone character, the audience’s window into understanding what’s going on in a number of plots. As he pieces together his faulty memories, the viewers are putting together clues to understand the larger story. But as season 1 revealed, Bernard is a host — a fully humanoid robot — which complicates both his memory issues and his identity issues. Created as an artificial replica of Westworld co-creator Arnold Weber, Bernard entered the story not knowing he was a host. Last Friday, Wright sat down at New York’s Split...

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