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Jun 7, 2018

Sonos and Ikea tease new Symfonisk smart speakers

<em>A hint of what’s to come from Sonos and Ikea.</em>

The Sonos and Ikea partnership announced in December is now bearing fruit in the shape of these speakers. The non-functional prototypes are illustrative examples of what you can expect from Ikea’s new SYMFONISK range. In other words, the final product may or may not look like these prototypes. Nevertheless, Sonos says that the final products will fully integrate with Sonos’ existing range of wireless speakers and Ikea’s “Home Smart” range of Tr√•dfris smart devices, including lights, dimmers, and switches.

The prototype speakers were unveiled at Ikea’s Democratic Design Days event in Sweden. As such, you can expect the new Symfonisk range to lower the cost of entry into the Sonos ecosystem in order to democratize Sonos audio. It’s...

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