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Jun 9, 2018

This dual-screen concept splices a Windows PC with an E Ink notepad

<em>Intel Tiger Rapids prototype.</em>

When I think about the future evolution of my job — in that sliver of time between now and the inevitable AI automation of all writing and reporting — I’m most curious about what will end up replacing my laptop. The Google Pixel 2 XL has, for most intents and purposes, taken over as my professional camera, but a smartphone isn’t quite versatile or comfortable enough to pen notes or longer articles on. This is where Intel’s Tiger Rapids concept device, shown off for the first time at Computex 2018, comes in.

This Windows 10 PC has a 7.9-inch LCD on one side and a matching E Ink panel on the other. Intel has engineered not just the hardware but also the software, creating the middleware required to connect the operating system to the...

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